Celebrate difference. Our manifesto

Diversity flows unstoppable.

Difference doesn’t miss. We are the inexorable plurality counting on you. The multiplicity urging you to authentic self-expression.

We’ve come to say that here, you add, not subtract. That your name does not delete us. That your inclusion is the human essence that frees existence.

You are a unique galactic code made up of infinite combinations of stars. Come, shine, manifest, be yourself!

Nothing is the same here. We are the place where you will never remain indifferent.

Celebrate yourself!

Celebrate difference!

The Festival

Diversity València celebrates difference hand in hand with top notch international artists. From July 21 to 23, 2022, the spectacular atmosphere of the City of Arts and Sciences will host more than 30 international artists on three large stages, delightfully programmed so that you enjoy each one of them.

A vibrant and ambitious nonstop program for an urban festival that will spread over the city. Diversity València will hit different spaces of the capital to generate a universe of experiences, parties, live shows, encounters with social movements iconic activists, exhibitions and content by and for diversity. A colorful blast of ideas and contrasts.

We wish to leave a cultural legacy of openness, enjoyment and inclusion.

Arts, music and culture, in general, are our demonstration.


Different strokes for different folks, that’s Diversity València’s Lineup. We don’t want to limit ourselves. All genres move us. Our program salutes those who find their identity simultaneously in different styles. The best of rock, pop, indie, urban, and electronic come together in an eclectic, daring and thrilling soundtrack.

A curated lineup that features performers whose careers and messages confirm the notion that inspires this Festival: music as a vehicle for new social languages.

La Ciutat de las Arts i les Ciències

Welcoming and futuristic City of Arts and Sciences will be the hub of Diversity València. Probably one of the most spectacular locations for an international festival that you’ve ever seen. An avant-garde, almost galactic universe to design the present we want and the future we need.



Environmental awareness is cross-cutting to Diversity Valencia’s festive concept. Technologies for degrowth, recycling and waste management–among other innovative environment friendly initiatives–are present from the very conception of this Festival and will have impact its completion.

In situ responsible consumption and the possibility of expanding the eco-techno spectrum from creative axes allied with environmental protection and sustainability.

Solidarity and participation

Two major lines of action in our global program are fostering solidarity in Valencian society and difference as a meeting point.

We will encourage cooperation with solidarity projects at the Festival ticket sales channels and we will post in our website information about initiatives that promote social awareness.



Plan ahead! Diversity now has a date.