Our cashless wristband is the only accepted payment method at the festival and the only way to access the venue.

You will need your smart-cashless wristband to access the Festival and pay for beverages, food, and merchandise. The wristband identifies you as an official ticket holder.

Wristbands are nominative, personal and non-transferable, thus they are property of the person that purchased the day ticket or the pass.

How do I get my wristband?

  1. At one of the collection points: The Festival will set up several collection points in the city of Valencia several days prior to the festival.
  2. At the Festival venue: Upon arrival to the Festival site, once your ticket is scanned, the staff will give you your wristband.
  3. Premium tickets include personalized home delivery*.

*Delivery time to be announced. Only available in the Iberian Peninsula.


How does it work?

From the moment you top-up your wristband, you can use it to make any purchase at the bars, and food and merchandise stalls.

Remember, the bracelet will be the only accepted payment method.

You have three options to activate your wristband and add funds:

Before the Festival

You can top-up your wristband, benefit from special offers and avoid queuing via our website and app (cards only)

During the Festival

  1. At the top-up stations that you will find in each sector (credit card only).
  2. At the top-up points at the venue (cash or credit card)
  3. Via our App, you can easily add funds using your mobile device.

Remember, you can top-up your cashless wristband at any time during  the Festival.

After the Festival

After the Festival, keep your wristband. There will be a cash-out option on our website to claim back any unused funds on your wristband.

* Refund time and terms to be confirmed before top-up service activation.