With Azerbaijani, Russian and Persian ancestry, Iranian singer, songwriter and director Sevdaliza, had to move to the Netherlands from her country under refuge status when she was just 5 years old. With three impressive albums, Sevdaliza’s songs neither end nor begin. They are part of the atmosphere generated by her presence.

Her writings and philosophical messages, influenced by great novelists, flow into compelling and disturbing visual albums where the plots of the great science fiction films revolve around a concentrated, enigmatic and complex protagonist.

Her work has been described as “genrebending”, drawing on various genres including electronic, punk, trip hop, grime, avant-garde and avant-pop. Topics such as gender diversification and perception of emotion are present in the musical corporality — experimental and solid — of the Iranian.

Sevdaliza plays with the simulation of identities and fantasies that can hardly be distinguished from reality, creating a world where everything is possible.